This crystal healing property sheet gives you a simple reference guide to the meanings of various stones. This is a brief description of the most popular meanings of the healing stones we often carry at I Dig Crystals. Along with the popular crystal meanings, you will find which chakras can be healed by the listed stones. Always remember to clean, charge and program your crystals for the most effective healing routines.

Crystal Meanings Chakra Physical
Agate Improve vitality, stamina, self-esteem. Soothing energy. Read more about Agate. Varies with color Grounding
Amazonite Alleviates Worry & Fear. Enhances loving communication. Read more about Amazonite. Throat, Heart Radiation, Tooth Decay, Osteoporosis, Muscle Spasms
Amber Provides decisiveness. Enhance memory & intellect. Connect with nature. Read more about Amber. Solar Plexus Abdomen, Bladder, Blood, Eyes, Kidneys, Stomach
Amethyst Enhances spiritual qualities. High vibration promotes meditation and hypnotic state. Read more about Amethyst. Crown, Third Eye Anxiety, Addictions, Anger, Egotism, Headaches, Hearing, Insomnia
Angelite Aids spiritual & angelic contact & astral travel. Represents peace to the world. Read more about Angelite. Throat Infection, Diseases. *Do not leave in water, will dissolve
Apache Tears Aids in mourning process, alleviate grief. It is a form of Obsidian. Root Stings, Bites, Wounds
Apatite Stone of manifestation. Aids in service and humanitarian pursuits. Heart Metabolism, Healthy Eating, Glands, Joints, Meridians, Organs, Hypertension
Apophyllite Astral Travel. Releases suppressed emotions. Connect to Akashic Records. Crown Asthma, Allergies, Eyes
Aquamarine Reduces stress & fear. Quiets the mind. Helps achieve closure on all levels. Throat, Heart Throat, Swollen Glands, Thyroid, Jaw, Skin, Spleen, Teeth
Aragonite Attuned to Goddess Earth. Down-to-earth, practical stone. Centering oneself. Crown, Solar Plexus, Root Immune system, Muscles
Aventurine Attracts abundance of all kinds. Enhances creativity. Strengthens the heart. Heart Adrenal Glands, Heart, Lungs, Muscles, Nervous System, Urogenital System
Azurite Opens the mind. Urges soul to enlightenment. Third Eye, Throat  Arthritis, Joints, Thyroid, Skin
Bloodstone Intense healing stone. Promotes circulation. Courage. Retaining wealth. Read more about Bloodstone. Heart Anemia, Anger, Blood, Eyes, Heart, Kidneys, Leukemia, Liver, Lungs, Menstrual Pain, Poison, Skin
Bornite (Peacock Ore) Brings ability to see and accept the joy in any moment. All Regulates adrenaline, Heart, Circulation
Calcite Helps release compulsive behavior and emotional stress. Varies with color Arthritis, Anxiety, Back, Bladder, Bones, Calcium Deficiency, Joints, Kidneys, Legs, Muscles, Spleen
Carborundum Powerful vitality booster. It counteracts blocked self-expression Third Eye, Root Headaches, Eye Strain, Shoulder Tension
Carnelian Sexual Balance. Creativity. Success in your pursuits. Protects against psychic attack. Sacral  Allergies, Colds, Depression, Exhaustion, Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Liver, Lower Back, Menstrual Pain, Spleen 
Cats Eye Confidence, happiness, serenity & good luck. Repels Evil Eye.  Solar Plexus Eyes, Headaches, Facial Pains, Nervous System, Skin
Cavansite Protects the healer during psychic healing sessions. Third Eye, Throat Sore Throats, Prevent diseases from returning
Celestite Public Speaking, Telepathy,  Guidance. Read more about Celestite. Throat Hearing Problems
Cerrusite Helps you feel comfortable in your environment. Crown Insomnia, Nightmares, Muscles, Bones, Aligns Nervous System
Chalcedony Group stability, benevolence, alleviates hostility Throat, Solar Plexus Depression, Gall Bladder, Mental Health 
Charoite Cleanses aura, stimulates unconditional love. Aids decision making. Facilitates acceptance of others. Crown, Heart Eyes, Heart, liver, Pancreas. Regulates blood pressure. Alleviates aches and pains.
Chrysanthemum Stone Unity in relationships, a burst of energy to make way for love and joy. Root Menstrual Pains, Remove Toxins, Skin
Chrysocolla Helps meditation and communication. Inner strength. Truth-telling, impartiality. Throat, Heart Arthritis, Digestion, Ulcers, Lungs. Regulates Insulin. Strengthens Thyroid, PMS, Menstrual cramps
Chrysoprase Draws out talents, creativity. Supports independence, yet encourages commitment. Relaxation. Heart Eye problems, Heart, Nightmares, Claustrophobia 
Citrine Merchant's Stone. Provides cash flow. Emotional empowerment. Confidence. Read more about Citrine. Solar Plexus Abdomen, Bladder, Bowels, Digestion, Growths, Kidneys, Liver, Muscles, Stomach 
Coral Quiets the Emotions & brings peace within the self.  Passion for life. Varies by color Bones, Blood, Insomnia, Nervous System, Nightmares, Teeth
Crocoite Enhances intuition, creativity and sexuality. Solar Plexus, Sacral Reproductive System
Danburite Draws spiritual energy, smooths the path ahead. Serenity, eternal wisdom. Crown, Third Eye, Heart Liver, Gallbladder, Detoxifies, Muscles
Diamond Pure white light, brings clarity and wholeness to your life. Stone of manifestation and abundance. Crown Glaucoma, Eyes, Brain, Allergies, Metabolism
Dioptase It aids in forgiveness. Lets go the need to control others.  Third Eye, Throat, Heart Blood, Cardiovascular, Headaches, Respiratory.
Diopside Opens the mind, expands the energy of love. Heart Cell Regeneration, Lungs, Heart
Dolomite Encourages original thought. Good for inventors and writers. Helps grief and sadness. Crown, Heart Adrenal Glands, Bones, Cells, Chills, Nails, Muscles, Skin, Urogenital system
Dumortierite   Promotes accomplishments, positive attitude. Helps us cope with panic and fear.  Enhances organizational abilities Third Eye, Throat Thyroid, Hyperactivity, Spleen, Blood
Emerald Stone of successful love, bringing domestic bliss & loyalty. Encourages unity, unconditional love, friendships. Heart Sinus, Heart, Spine, Eyes
Eudialyte Emotionally it is helpful for learning to trust oneself and others, and eases compulsive behavior and thinking. Heart, Root Eye problems, pancreas, thyroid, Purifying the blood
Feldspar Allows you to let go of the past so that reading your goal becomes easier. Heart Muscles, skin and mineral deficiency in the body
Fluorite The Genius Stone. Calms the Nervous System. Increases Concentration.  Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Solar Plexus Allergies, Arthritis, Brain, Cankers, Colds, Eyes, Flu, Herpes, Joints, Limbs, Muscles, Sinuses (place under eyes)
Fossil Retain past memory, past life regression, time travel. Gaining historical knowledge of earth and of one’s self. Heart, Root Memory, Grounding
Fuchsite Helps "bounce-back" from tense situations. Heart Blood Cell Count, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Spine, Flexibility
Galena "Stone of Harmony" brings healing, calmness, efficiency, receptivity, communication and insight. Root Decrease inflammations and skin eruptions, and help with circulation problems and hair growth
Garnet Stone of Total Health, Love and Commitment. Deflects negative or powerful energies. Stone of Total Health, Love and Commitment. Heart, Root Back, Blood, Bones, Heart, Legs, Liver, Lungs, Muscles, Nightmares, Shoulders, Skin, Spine 
Goldstone Brings light and happiness into life. It is a man-made combination of glass and copper, dazzling and sparkling. Solar Plexus Align meridians, conduct energy
Goshenite Good for relationships and creativity. Enables you to move forward. Helps you live the way you want. All Autism, Hyperactivity, Legs
Halite It is good to release negative thought forms and energy from the emotional body, it allows for this change to shift. Heart Thyroid
Hematite Enhances charisma, optimism and courage. Balances blood flow. Absorbs negativity. Read more about Hematite. Root Anemia, Blood, Fever, Kidneys, Legs, Nervous System, Menstrual Pain, Spine, Spleen, Swelling 
Hemimorphite Brings ego-less courage, self esteem and self confidence Throat, Heart Pain relief, ulcers, blood diseases, cellular disease or disorder
Herkimer Diamond Attunes people and links them together when parted - each person should have one. Enhances telepathy. Crown Spine, Insomnia, Stress and tension. Clears electromagnetic pollution.
Heulandite   Used for past-life recall in addition to accessing Atlantean / Lemurian information. Dealing with loss. Crown Weight loss (obesity), balance and inner ear problems, Foot Issues, Respiration
Howlite Mitigates Anger. Aids weight loss. Connect with your path in this life. Crown  Insomnia, Teeth, Bones
Iolite Allows one to enjoy the present moment, eliminate debts, increase tolerance to alcohol. Third Eye Asthma, Blood, Kidneys, Mental Problems
Jade Dream stone, aids emotional release through dreams. Attracts Luck & Money. Read more about Jade. Heart Abdomen, Bladder, Bowels, Digestion, Gall Bladder, Mental Problems, Kidneys, Liver, Spleen, Stomach 
Jasper Supreme nurturer, strengthens the physical body when weak. Physical energy. Contact Animal Guides. Read more about Jasper. Varies by Color Grounding, treats Deterioration of Kidneys, Spleen, Bladder, Liver and Stomach 
Jet Protection against violence, illness and curses. Grounded, calming energy. Alleviates depression and fear. Root Colds, Migraines, Swollen Glands, Stomach Aches
Kunzite Purifies Heart for unconditional love. Eases into meditation. Uncovers blocked memories. Read more about Kunzite. Third Eye, Throat, Heart Circulatory system, Heart muscle, Joints
Kyanite Connects to spirit guides and higher frequencies. Aids Communication. Crown, Third Eye, Throat Thyroid, Throat, Brain, Lowers Blood Pressure
Labradorite Deflects unwanted energies. Brings motivation. Mystical stone. Crown, Third Eye Brain, Strokes
Lapis Lazuli Stone of total awareness. Quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Read more about Lapis. Third Eye, Throat Bones, Depression, Dizziness, Eyes, Headaches, Hearing, Insomnia, Throat
Larimar Radiates love and peace to the Earth. Healing of past relationships.  Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus Throat conditions, Cartilage, Chest, Head, Neck
Lava Grounding, protection and stability. Brings decisiveness and strength. Root Bladder, Stomach
Lepidolite Reduces stress and depression. Halts obsessive thoughts. Stone of transition: induces positive change.  Third Eye Allergies, Exhaustion, Joint Problems, Menopause, Radiation.
Magnesite Promotes positive attitude. Aids powerful meditations. Crown Bones, Headache, Muscle Spasms, PMS, Teeth
Magnetite Magnetic Therapy. Aligns the meridians. Root Spine, Circulation, Cramps
Malachite Power stone, Releases deep hurt, breaks unwanted ties and bad habits. Read more about Malachite. Heart  Asthma, Arthritis, Bones, Cancer, Growths, Joints, Nightmares, Muscles, Radiation, Tumors
Marble Provides for strength of self control and mastery of thought. It enhances the powers of serenity. Brings stability. Crown, Third Eye, Root Cleansing for the blood, skin, and circulatory systems.
Marcasite Grounding stone to condense scattered energies into clarity. Root Jetlag, Spleen, Stress
Mica (Muscovite) Facilitates astral travel. Heart Dehydration, Pancreas, Kidneys, Insomnia, Allergies
Moldavite Very high vibrations for channeling other realms. Helps get into hypnotic state. Homesickness.  Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart Helps to diagnose areas that need healing 
Moonstone Stone of New beginnings, helps one focus on the positive of change. Calm, Yin energy. Read more about Moonstone. Solar Plexus Anxiety, Asthma, Colds, Constipation, Eyes, Hair, Insomnia, Lungs, Lymph, Menstrual Pain, Pancreas, Skin, Stomach
Moqui Balls (Shaman Stones) Grounds you into present  moment. Stimulates flow of energy through meridians. Root Arthritis, Bones, Grounding
Moss Agate Strong connection to nature; refreshes soul. Attracts abundance. Heart Birth (lessens pain), Immune System, Depression, Dehydration, Fungal & Skin Infections.
Obsidian Transmutes negativity: Best stone for healers. Helps let go of the past and bad habits, old baggage. Read more about Obsidian. Solar Plexus, Root Stomach problems
Okenite Connects to higher self. Removes obstacles so you can complete your life's lessons. Crown Blood flow, Milk Flow, Circulation, Lowers Fevers, Skin
Onyx Self-confidence, vigor, stamina Solar, Root Anxiety, Arthritis, Bone Marrow, Tissue
Opal Stimulates originality, creativity, expressing your true self. Helps you understand your self worth.  Solar Plexus, Sacral Memory, Infections, Fevers, Kidneys, Eyes
Pearl Stone of Sincerity, brings truth and loyalty. Crown Asthma, Allergies, Anger, Breath, Cough, Depression, Digestion 
Peridot Visionary stone, brings understanding of destiny. Happy, "smiling stone." Read more about Peridot. Heart Bites, Epilepsy, Eyes, Heart, Intestinal Tract, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Spleen, Stings
Petrified Wood Helps those feeling "stuck" to progress in their goals. Grounds scattered energies. Root Hair, Skeletal System, Skin
Prehnite Heals the Healer. Heart Gout, Blood Disorders, Thymus, Shoulders, Chest
Pyrite Shields against negativity, sustains health, intellect, emotional well-being. Root  Abdomen, Bowel, Brain, Bronchitis, Depression, Digestion, Fever, Inflammations, Liver, Lungs, Stomach
Quartz Stone of Power. Master healer. Purifies and energizes all energy bodies and crystals. Read more about Quartz. All  Bones, Brain, Radiation, Strokes. Aids studying. Reduces fuel consumption. Counteracts radiation.
Rhodochrosite Stone of Love and Balance. Selfless love, compassion and self-worth. Attracts soul mates. Read more about Rhodochrosite. Heart Infections, Heart, Emotional Traumas, Thyroid
Rhodolite Provides willpower and strength, self-confidence. Heart Heart, Lungs
 Rhodonite Grounds, balances. Nurtures love. Encourages brotherhood of humanity. Aids confidence. Heart Nervous System (dissipates blocks), Tooth Decay, Muscle Spasms (relieves) 
Rhyolite Excellent meditation stone, and enhances creativity. It brings energies of tranquility and helps eliminate worries. Heart, Sacral  Back, Abdominal
Rose Quartz Attune to unconditional love, balances the heart for good relationships. Read more about Rose Quartz. Heart Breath, Grief, Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs
Ruby Leadership stone, "following your bliss", retains wealth & passion Heart, Root Constipation, Exhaustion, Fever, Headaches, Legs
Rutilated Quartz Gets to root of problem so you can remedy the situation. Intensifies power of the Quartz. All Bones, Cells, Immune System, Skin, Tissue
Sapphire Improves mood, good for communication. Throat Blood, Hair
Sardonyx Stone of strength and protection. Brings lasting happiness, stability to partnerships. Attracts friends, fortune. Varies by Color Re-sensitizes sensory organs.
Scolecite Decrease violence in thought, emotion, and behavior. Crown, Third Eye Blood Clotting, Clogged Arteries, Bruises, Mental Imbalances, Eyes, Lungs, Misaligned Spine, Removing Parasites
Selenite Best Crystal to Seal the Aura. Brings clarity of mind; decisiveness. Read more about Selenite. Crown, Third Eye Cell Regeneration
Seraphinite High energy stone, sending unconditional love, connecting with higher purpose, aids in transformations. Crown, Third Eye, Heart Blood, Brain Cells, Organs, Kidney, Nerves, Liver
Serpentine Past life regression work, stimulating memory & connections. Favors spiritual exploration and Kundalini work. Heart Eliminates parasites, helps calcium and magnesium absorption, and diabetes.
Smoky Quartz Clears negativity and emotional blockages. Root  Back (mid), Chemotherapy, Hands, Feet, Mineral Supplementation, Radiation
Sodalite Encourages rational thought. Calms the mind. Third Eye Allergies, Colds, Insomnia, Radiation, Throat, Thyroid 
Stilbite Brings calming energy for restful sleep and inner peace during meditation. Heart Brain, strengthens ligaments, Laryngitis, Loss of Taste, Increase skin pigmentation.
Stibnite Prosperity stone, attracting new opportunities for growth and wealth. Encourages changes. Solar, Root Circulation, Legs
Sugilite A "love stone", opens chakras to flow of love. Spiritual awareness, positive thoughts, aids forgiveness. Crown, Third Eye Aids Autism, Learning difficulties, resolves group difficulties, Cancer sufferers, headaches and discomforts.
Sulphur Absorbs negative energies, removes barriers to progress. Solar Plexus Alleviates infections, fevers, anything that flares or swells up.
Sunstone Stone of light and happiness. Strengthens desire, intellect and optimism.   Solar Plexus Chronic sore throat, stomach ulcers, depression.
Tanzanite Helps balance out workaholics and the highly active, relieving stress and bringing harmony. Third Eye Blood Pressure, Cell Regeneration, Skin
Tektite Extraterrestrial origin, enhance communication with other worlds, encourage spiritual growth through absorption of higher knowledge. Third Eye, Root Fevers, Circulation
Tigers Eye Develops confidence and courage. Read more about Tigers Eye. Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Good for Grounding, Abdomen, Bones, Eyes, Reproductive System, Throat
Topaz Brings joy and generosity, manifestation of good health. Varies by Color Abdomen, Depression
Tourmaline Good for communication, friendship and loyalty. Excellent travel stone. Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus Asthma, Bladder, Breathing, Cough, Headaches, Lungs, Nervous System
Turquoise Unites sky and earth energies. Balances mood swings. Promotes communication and problem solving. Travel stone. Throat Panic Attacks, Lungs, Stomach, Immune system, Cramps
Ulexite Increases imagination and creativity in business. Read more about Ulexite. Crown, Third Eye Eyes 
Unakite Releases conditions inhibiting growth. Great for artists and musicians for creativity. Heart, Sacral, Root Pregnancy (healthy),  Directs weight to the right places.  
Vanadinite Shuts off mind chatter. Retains wealth. Third Eye, Sacral Asthma, Lungs, Bladder
Variscite Brings hope and encouragement. Past life exploration. Moves out of despair and into possibilities. Read more about Variscite. Third Eye, Heart Nervous System, Abdomen, Gout, Gastritis, Ulcers, Rheumatism, Cramps, Impotence
Wulfenite Appreciating everything in life, including the negative. Focuses only on the positive. Solar Plexus Rejuvenation of energy
Zoisite Transforms negative energy to positive. Good for exhaustion or laziness. Heart  Heart, Spine, Pancreas, Lungs