Natural stones are carved into figurines to help connect with the animal's spirit energies. Use these animal carvings in your meditations and crystal healing practices to align with the attributes that you seek. 

Armadillos are well known for their armored shells, reminding us to protect and guard our inner selves. Armadillos display detachment and objectivity, great attributes to have in a world full of different attitudes and stances. These attributes allow us to see the big picture and consider all sides of a situation with neutrality.
The mighty bear symbolizes thoughtfulness, independence and reflection. When we are overwhelmed with everyday life, the bear reminds us to take a break, relax and regenerate. We can take a step back, meditate and contemplate on our priorities and the big picture in life. Bears also remind us to be self-sufficient rather than relying or blaming others for our own lives, we should take control and quickly learn from our lessons. Wear crystal healing bear totem jewelry to focus in on this mighty creature's spiritual energies. 

Birds symbolize inspiration, freedom and spirituality. Flying close to the sky, birds serve as messengers from heaven. In Feng Shui, birds bring new opportunities. 

  • Ducks remind us of our multi-faceted talents with their own ability to fly, walk and swim. They represent sensitivity and honesty. Ducks can be graceful when at peace, but aggressive when confronted with unwanted energies. Collect duck carvings to access your potential and appreciate times of peace and serenity.
  • Owls are associated with wisdom, foresight and sacred knowledge. Owl spirit animals allow you to see beyond the mundane to the true meaning of words and actions. They symbolize the capacity to see beyond deceit, illusions and masks. Owls, like bats, are the announcers of death, but a symbolic death of unnecessary aspects of your life in order to make room for change and transition. ​
  • Penguins are birds that do not fly. They show us that we do not have to conform to the mainstream, but can instead follow our own dreams and paths without worrying about the norm. Paleontologists believe that penguin wings evolved into fins to adapt to their watery environments. Penguins reminds us that we too can evolve and adapt to our environments while remaining unique and independent. Penguins are also very social creatures, encouraging us to work together and cultivate our relationships for a fulfilling life. 
  • Rooster figurines are used for career advancement. Roosters are also used to ward off evil, waking up early in the morning, dispersing the darkness.

The Buffalo, or Bison, helps us to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky. The Buffalo lives in harmony with the world around it, moving slowly and enjoying the path of life. The Buffalo teaches us to be grateful for everything we have in order to attract more of what we desire. Native Americans held the Buffalo as a symbolism of sacred life and abundance. 

Butterflies symbolize transformation and remind us to improve ourselves while keeping faith in the universe. Keep the butterfly with you through your life journey. Through all of the struggles and lessons, the butterfly helps us positively through our transitions.

Cats symbolize independence, cleverness and curiosity. Cats are also known as the guardians of the home. The sometimes aloof nature of the cat reminds us to step back from an emotionally engaging situation and look at the big picture.  Cats are said to be the secret keepers of the vast knowledge of the metaphysical world. They quietly keep this mysterious knowledge with grace and serenity. 

Dinosaurs remind us to clear our minds of old habits and issues. The Dinosaur represents fearlessness with stealth or thinking before acting. Collect Dinosaur crystals to help you move forward and let go of old baggage. 

Dogs symbolize loyalty and friendship. In Chinese Zodiac, the dog speaks out against injustice. The dog reminds us to strive for intelligence, caring and listening to others.

Dolphins remind us to focus on qualities like generosity, playfulness, harmony, intelligence and friendship. Dolphins live a dual life as both fish and mammal, thus transcending the strict confines of either of these categories and harmonizing the two worlds. Dolphins are much more evolved than many of us humans in terms of spirituality, brotherhood and love. Meditate with Dolphin spirit guides in mind and surround yourself with Dolphin representations to connect with this loving spiritual energy that the gentle creatures emit. 

The Dragon symbolizes a strong male yang energy. Associated with emperors, the dragon represents power and majesty. In Feng Shui, dragon figurines can be placed in the Fame area of your home or home office to connect with fame, reputation and career. If you have a green dragon like Jade, place it in your Health corner for physical strength.

Elephants are an ancient symbol of strength and majesty. The gentle giant is the largest land animal on earth today but its energy is kind and wise. In Feng Shui, the Elephant brings good luck, wisdom and fertility. Elephants with their trunks up especially call in good luck. Elephants intertwining their trunks with another symbolize love and friendship. Elephants with their trunks down symbolize strength, pushing through obstacles and warding off enemies.

The fox reminds us to be vigilant against tricksters and deceptive relationships. The fox teaches us to use your wits in dealing with obstacles in our life. Keep fox figurines around for guidance when you feel lost and overwhelmed.

In Dream Therapy, Frogs represent the coming of new, charismatic friends in your life. If you just hear the frog in a dream, it means the coming of happiness in your life.

Giraffes represent Gracefulness in action. 

Hedgehogs symbolize rejuvenation and spring. The nocturnal creature also symbolizes intuition, psychic ability, prophetic dreams and visions. The hedgehog's quills are soft when it is happy, reminding us to enjoy life and let go of the stress and fear represented by the needle-like quills of a scared hedgehog. 

Hippo crystals combine intuitive water energies and practical earth energies. Hippo figurines remind us to keep grounded to this Earth so that we may properly deal with emotional imbalances. They also spend most of their time in water, which links them to the spiritual, artistic and healing aspects of life. 

Iguanas remind us that "Everything comes in due time," so we can relax and enjoy the journey of life. When unwanted energies present themselves, the Iguana is quick to escape or camouflage into its surroundings, teaching us to adapt and survive. Iguanas in your dream or popping up in your life tells you that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Pigs symbolize fertility and abundance, reminding us to celebrate life and share with others. The pig also symbolizes luck in financial matters. The boar is a Chinese Zodiac animal symbolizing sincerity, honesty and determination.

Rabbits symbolize luck, happiness and a positive outlook on life. Keep rabbits with you to remind your of how fun life can be. Rabbit crystals make great gifts for those who need a lift in spirits and a leap forward in their life. Rabbits are always on guard, if they sense dangerous obstacles, they will hop away for greener grounds. 
The Rhinoceros has a deep connection with the Earth, roaming open expanses in deep contemplation. The large animal provides us with grounding energy, symbolizing confidence, steadiness and solidity. Bring the Rhino in to your life when you feel empty, spacey or in need of some substantial power. 
Snakes are connected to primal energy, operating from pure instinct. The reptile reminds us to trust our intuitions. Snakes shed their skin, representing our ability to let go of our inhibitions and focus on our subconscious and true selves.

Turtles represent the ability to stay grounded even in chaos. They remind us to slow down, pace ourselves and follow our life's path in peace. Turtles are associated with yin or feminine energies of calm harmony.