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Top 5 Crystals for Mind Boost

Top 5 Crystals to Boost your Mind During the Day

Crystals are not something our generation just thought up and decided it would work; these crystals have been around since the ancient times. Through discovery it was determined the energetic vibration that each one gave off had something to do with healing. 

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Throughout your workday, it's easy to find that the mind is struggling to concentrate and focus. There is so much going on that you can't make sense of and can't find clarity stay on topic. This usually happens after lunch but it could possibly start as early as morning. But work is not going to stop just because you can't focus and concentrate. You have no other choice but to find your concentration and bring it back to surface. How do you do that? With one or more of these five crystals.

Rose Quartz 

Known to give a calming and soothing feeling, Rose Quartz is great for giving and receiving love. It also encourages forgiveness of others which may be what is clouding your mind at that moment. Free those feelings of doubt and pent up anger, they are a waste of space in your beautiful mind. Instead, promote love and use your open heart to open your mind.

Clear Quartz

In your collection of crystals, you want to add a Clear Quartz. There are so many ways that this crystal can be a part of your life. It's translucent and catches light in a way no other crystal can. Clear Quartz is used to heal your physical, mental, and emotion well being. It helps to connect you to a higher level of concentration, wisdom, consciousness, and other feeling you want to focus on. 


If money problems is taking away your concentration, you will want to place Citrine in a drawer at your desk, in the cash drawer, or just carry it in your purse or pocket. Citrine can help remove financial blockages which may be clouding your mind, helping you to focus on better ideas and opportunities that could put you back on track financially.


This purple/violet color in this crystal immediately draws your attention. With this crystal in your hand, you can focus on your own intuition, and get rid of those negative feelings such as stress, doubt, and anxiety. Amethyst has a reputation for being a good crystal to put in your pocket when you are traveling too.


You will find this crystal in a variety of beautiful colors from green to peach. This crystal can strengthen true friendships and promote long term relationships.  Promoting self-esteem and building confidence, you can use Aventurine to build your confidence, or to deal with something that may be weighing heavy on your mind, causing you to not be able to focus on tasks at hand.

Try placing these crystals in your pocket or around you at some point during the day in order to feel more confident and boost your mind so you can get through the rest of the day.

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