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Meditation with Crystals for Beginners

Meditation with Crystals for Beginners 

If you are interesting in meditation, that's great. It's important to understand the basics of meditation in order to get the full effectiveness of this exercise. Being here and reading this article is taking the first step on your personal journey. The purpose of meditation is to make the brain more aware of the feelings and thoughts. Being more aware of your thoughts and feelings will help you find out where your place is in life and in this world and who you really are as a person. 


There are many benefits to meditation. It affects the mind, body, and spirit. Today, the world is busy, we are busy running errands, working, raising families, tending to the home, overworking and over-stressing our schedules and budgets in order to please everyone else as we frantically search for that one thing that will be the ultimate ah – ha! Unfortunately, many will never find that moment and will die searching. But thanks to the mindful awareness and the benefits of meditation, you may not need to search much further than within yourself.  


Everyone can benefit from meditation. It's not a drug, it doesn't require you to travel anywhere, there is no set time limit, you can do it for any reason, and it can bring you a kind of joy, peace, and calmness that you cannot find anywhere else. Meditation is for everyone but not everyone has enjoyed it. 


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Meditation with Crystals 


When you begin meditation, you may find it difficult to concentrate and focus and this could make your first experience with meditation negative. Using crystals can help you focus, open up your inner mind, and help rid you of negative energy that may be standing in your way of deep meditation 


The colors of the crystals will make a difference in your meditation. When shopping for meditation stones, go by the color until you become more familiar with each one.  


Blue crystals, such as Aquamarine and Lapis Lazuli, can help to clear your mind and give you a calm feeling inside. Simply hold the blue crystals in your hands or lay them on your body so that your skin touches the crystal directly during meditation. 


Purple stones, such as Amethyst and Charoite, will improve your meditation session by calming you down on the inside, help you to focus more, improve your visualization allowing free flow of the mind, and to help center your mind so you can focus on what is important.  


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Which Crystals should you Choose 


When selecting your crystals for your meditation session, place them all in front of you and close your eyes for a minute. When you open your eyes again, allow your eyes to focus on a crystal. Don't force yourself to choose one particular crystal. Allowing your eyes to focus on one instead will be more beneficial to your meditation.  


There are no crystals to avoid when meditation. All crystals can be used and each one offers different properties to enhance your meditation experience.  

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