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Crystals for Hormone Fluctuations

Question: Hi! I am a 47-year-old woman. I have very bad PMS. Specifically, I suffer from anxiety, depression, and irritability. I already take an antidepressant, but it doesn't control the hormone fluctuations. What crystals, stones, gems, etc. can you recommend for me? Thank you in advance.

Answer: Thanks for writing to me. Here are some crystals I can recommend based on other people's experiences with the symptoms you described. Of course each person is different, so you will want to experiment with your own energies, but use these suggestions as a guide:

PMS: carnelian
Anxiety: angelite 
Depression: yellow calcite 
Irritability: rose quartz
Remember to clean, charge and program your crystals for the best results. 
angelite buddha
Feel free to write for additional crystal healing guidance. The most important part is to keep positive and remember the big picture in life rather than getting bogged down in the details.
May you be filled with positive energy,
Sheila Satin

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