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Crystal Placement in Home

Using Crystals in your Home

If you want to get started in placing crystals in your home but you are not sure what crystal will go where, this guide will help you. While there isn't a universal place that is right for everyone, you will learn what to look for and where in the room to place it, giving you a sense of calmness and balance throughout your home.

It's important to understand that each crystal has its own natural pattern to it which vibrates on a level that you can only feel, not hear or see. This is why it's beneficial to understand the correct placing of crystals, so you don't end up placing the wrong vibe in a room.

quartz cluster crystal in the home

Home Office - Amethyst

You want to be as productive as possible in your home office so that's why you need the right crystal. Amethyst has a quiet magic about it so you may not always feel the energy generating from the crystal but rest assured, it's there. It is a visual to you to remind you to focus on your work and keep your mind on the task at hand.  Amethyst is clarifying, spiritual, and relaxing so you will want to get one that appeals to you, such as a cluster or a certain shape or design that catches the light just right. Amethyst works best displayed on your desk.

Bedroom - Rose Quartz

This beautifully colored crystal offers you a soft color that provides energy. While there are many colors of quartz to choose from, this pink quartz is perfect for the bedroom. It vibrates a feeling of comfort and calmness. To get the most out of Rose Quartz in the bedroom, place a crystal on the floor at each one of your bed posts to get the full effect of feeling surrounded by love.

Entrance of your Home - Black Tourmaline

Leave the world outside when you come into your home; that's easier said than done, right? Black tourmaline is a protective crystal  that can block the negative vibes that may be on you when you enter your home. This earthy crystal can give you peace of mind and comfort from the world outside. Place it on a table, shelf, or in view of your front door.

Kitchen - Calcite

Your kitchen is the heart of the house. Everyone goes there to talk, to fulfill a need, to share and bond, or just to get some nourishment for the body. For this room, you want a bright color that is also cheerful, like yellow. Calcite is also available in yellow and it really does catch your eye and provide a feeling of energy. This color yellow is great for someone who may be suffering from depression. Place Calcite in the window sill to catch the light of the sun. Place it on the counters and don't forget the table.

Living Room - Selenite

The living room is a great place to go to for relaxation. You want the feeling to be comfortable and relaxing. Selenite is the crystal for this room. Selenite provides a calming vibe, almost angelic, helping your guests to relax and unwind. Place it on the coffee table or toward the centerpiece of the room; television, bookshelf, etc.

Bathroom - Clear Quartz

The bathroom also needs a crystal in it and no other crystal will do the job like the clear Quartz. You also want the feeling to be relaxing in the bathroom and not bursting with energy and the clear quartz can do that. You will want to place this Quartz on the edge of the bathtub or on the sink counter.

Remember, when placing your crystals in a room, if they don't seem to be doing the job for you, simple place them in a different location and see if that helps. Placement of the crystals is just as important as which crystal you use throughout your home. 

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