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Crystal Jewelry Heals

Baubles Battle Negativity

Jewelry is beautiful; there is no doubt about it. Baubles have adorned our ancestors throughout the ages. But how useful is this jewelry we so enjoy showing off? For jewelry made with natural elements and gemstones, I say it will be as useful as we want it to be!

Natural crystal gemstones have been around since the beginning of time. Their powers were known in ancient civilizations, including the infamous lost lands of Atlantis and Lemuria. Crystals draw and attract us; it’s no wonder we put them into jewelry!
Crystal Jewelry Heals - Model Showing off I Dig Crystals Earrings
Combining the forces of crystals and jewelry, we get something that goes beyond physical beauty and enters the realm of healing energies. Wear a pair of Sodalite earrings for mental balance, slip on a Smoky Quartz anklet for grounding, add on Ruby bracelets for passion and hang an Aventurine pendant over your heart for abundance.

We’ve all seen these stone-to-energy relations, these emotional associations, these metaphysical folklore, condensed and popularized to fit mainstream birthstone charts and Chinese souvenir shops, but what is the underlying truth? Where do they get this stuff?

Enter the simply complex realm of “crystal healing.” Healing with the natural powers of the earth probably dates back to the time we started wearing these stone baubles around our necks. If I’d have to venture a guess, I would guess jewelry came about because we wanted an easy way to transport our crystal prescriptions.

Why crystals? Crystals are different from rocks in that they are formed in a unique symmetric structure; a simplistic scientific statement, but one that works well for our purposes. Having this symmetric structure allows crystals to emit a constantly positive energy.

So here we are, crystals around our necks giving off a constantly positive energy, perhaps even humming a happy song. Well great, you may say, a lot of jewelry makes me happy, what’s so special about these crystal pieces? Ah, and here lies the rub! What turns ordinary gemstone jewelry into crystal healing powerhouses: the power of your mind, the force of your thoughts, the strength of your will.

The three most used words in crystal healing: cleaning, charging and programming. If you want to wear jewelry for jewelry’s sake, fine, no additional instructions needed. If you want to wear jewelry for crystal healing, your first step is to clean it. Negative energy is our nemesis. Unfortunately, like we humans, crystals absorb this negativity over.

There are a number of ways to clean your crystals, which is another article in itself, but some popular methods include burying them under dry sea salt, dry brown rice, the soil of the earth, the sand by the sea, washing them under tap water, using sage smoke, and the list goes on…
Crystal Healing Jewelry Charging on an Amethyst Geode Cluster

Once clean, we charge our crystals. Like humans, crystals can lose their energies over time. Again, you can consult my “clean, charge, program crystals” articles for details, but most popularly we can place our cleaned crystals in the sunlight, moonlight or a large crystal cluster to allow them to regain their superhero energies and battle our nemesis, negativity.

Cleaned, charged and ready for battle, the next step is the most important, and the crux of crystal healing: programming! Yes, I’m going to say it again: crystals are like humans, they have a variety of properties. Check out a crystal healing book in the store and you’ll read pages of seemingly contradictory metaphysical properties for each crystal. The catch lies in focusing the crystal to what we want from it at this particular time.

Crystals vibrate to a natural healing frequency that is activated by mental energy. Thoughts are the most powerful form of energy in our universe. With one single thought we can turn a gloomy day into a cozy read by the fireplace. Programming our crystal not only allows the crystal to focus, but for our own mental energies to align with the positive programming.

And so is the story of the most powerful jewelry in the world – cleaned, charged, programmed, battling our nemesis negativity and honoring a timeless tradition of adorning our beautiful crystal prescriptions for the sake of healing.

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