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5 Crystals to Improve Meditation

How can Crystals Improve your Meditation Journey?

Meditation is extremely important in the journey of life. Without that moment of meditation, it's easy to become weighed down with everyday life and the stresses that come with that day. It's like going to the grocery store and loading up on a months worth of groceries only to discover that you can't take your cart to the parking lot cart after you check out. Not only is that weight painful, it is also not good for your spiritual or mental journey.

Meditation can be practiced anywhere and at any time, however you must be able to get into the right mindset in order for your meditation to work. You can't pick a place that is constantly being interrupted by noise, voices or sounds of the world. You need pure quiet and once you have experienced a great meditation, you know just how good it really feels. Using crystals can enhance your meditation state in so many ways.

cat meditating shiva lingam

Here are a list of crystals to have on hand to help you get more out of your meditation.

Amethyst – This purple crystal is on the top of many lists including this this one. Amethyst has a calming affect and can help to clear your mind so you can focus on your meditation. It can help you mentally let go of the negative feelings that may be attached to you. It is also known as a spiritual stone, aiding you in your metaphysical endeavors.

Aquamarine – This crystal benefits your meditation in two ways: it can help you focus your mind so that it is not easily distracted with everything that has happened that day and it can increase your self awareness. You must take care of yourself in order to help others and Aquamarine helps you to channel the inner self to improve your meditation.

Carnelian – This crystal offers several benefits to your meditation. It can help to clear your thoughts, it can help you stay focused and it can help you improve mindful visualization.

Jade – This crystal can help you by soothing your mind, bringing you a feeling of serenity. Also known as a Dream stone, Jade can help dream interpretation through your meditations. 

Moonstone – In a world filled with choices, one choice to make in meditation crystals is Moonstone. This crystal helps you to reach peace of mind. It offers calmness, improves your self reflection, and makes it easier for you to receive the direction in which you are subconsciously suppose to travel.

With these five stones, you can make the most out of your meditation whether you get fifteen minutes or one hour. It's important to reach that mediation state whenever it's possible. These five crystals, amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian, jade, and moonstone will help you achieve the ultimate mediation.

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I have meditated with the carnelian stone and had a very good experiences.

Jun 22, 2017

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